Be Our Guest with these Beauty and the Beast Lunchboxes

We invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents - your lunch in one of these adorable Beauty and the Beast inspired metal lunchboxes. Tie your napkin around your neck and have your lunch in style with everyone's favorite Disney princess Belle. All of these metal lunchboxes are made with a food contact safe interior. Choose from several different color options and you can even add your own text to personalize your lunchbox!

1 Life's a Fairytale Belle Ballgown Lunchbox

Found on Zazzle

This metal lunchbox shows Belle wearing her beautiful yellow ballgown. The phrase "Life's a Fairytale " is featured in the upper left corner.

2 Emoji Style Belle and Beast Metal Lunchbox

Found on Zazzle

This adorable lunchbox features illustrations of Belle and Beast in a stylized Emoji style. The background is white with pale grey polka dots.

3 Customizable Cogswoth Metal Lunch Box

Found on Zazzle

Cogsworth is featured on this metal lunch box. The clock character is shown from the "chest" up and holds his "hands" at his "cheeks". Cogsworth is featured on a pink background and customizable text with the owner's name is written on one side.

4 Belle with Rose Lunchbox

Found on Zazzle

Belle is holding a rose and is surrounded by flowers on this cute metal lunchbox from the official Disney merchandise store on She is outlined in white and the background has different styles of art, making the entire design look like a mixed media style.

5 Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Silhouette Style Lunch Box

Found on Zazzle

Candelabra character Lumiere is shown in silhouette style against a repeating pattern background featuring the title of Beauty and the Beast. The silhouette is filled in with an image of the Beast's castle's magnificent ballroom.

6 Belle with Mrs. Potts and Chip

Found on Zazzle

Belle is pouring a cup of tea on this unique Beauty and the Beast lunchbox. A repeating pattern with Belle in silhouette along with roses is featured as the background on this fun box.

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