Moana Lunch Boxes

Moana | Born to be in the Sea Metal Lunch Box – Moana is an ocean princess ' well maybe not in this vintage style design. This baby Moana is more a princess in training! A cute design... View on Zazzle
Moana | Born to be in the Ocean Pattern Metal Lunch Box – This cute tropical pattern hails from Disney's animated adventure, Moana. Even as a baby it became clear that the Polynesian princess was drawn to the sea.... View on Zazzle
Moana | Set Your Own Course Metal Lunch Box – Sail across the Pacific Ocean with Disney's Moana, an adventurous and headstrong young girl who strives to save the people of Motunui. Accompanied by the mighty... View on Zazzle
Moana | Discover Oceania Metal Lunch Box – Find what lies beyond the sea with this enchanting design from Disney's Moana. This beautiful ocean scene shows the two epic adventurers, Moana and Maui on... View on Zazzle
Moana | Heihei - I'm In Charge Here Metal Lunch Box – This fun tropical design display's Disney's silliest character, Heihei from their animated adventure, Moana. Sporting his usual confused expression, there's not a lot more to this... View on Zazzle
Moana | Pua & Heihei - Silhouette Metal Lunch Box – Here's a cute design inspired by Disney. These kids characters in a silhouette style are the perfect farm animal combo! It's Pua and Heihei from the... View on Zazzle
Moana | One With The Waves Metal Lunch Box – You ever seen an ocean princess before? Well you're in luck! Here's Moana with her arms held wide and flashing a big smile in excitement. This... View on Zazzle
Moana | Pua & Heihei Voyagers Metal Lunch Box – Let us introduce the adorable Pua and Heihei from Disney's animated adventure, Moana. These two are bound by their love and support for Moana. Who would... View on Zazzle
Moana & Kakamora Vintage Pattern Metal Lunch Box – Disney's Polynesian princess and Daughter of the Ocean, Moana shines here in this soft pink tropical pattern. This vintage style design features the young adventurer and... View on Zazzle
Moana | Vintage Heihei Metal Lunch Box – Heihei from Moana is keeping his eye on you! Or is he just surprised? I don't think even this cute Disney rooster knows! Poor Heihei. This... View on Zazzle
Moana | We Are All Voyagers Metal Lunch Box – Here we see Disney's Moana and her demigod companion, Maui doing a traditional tribal ritual. Watch the island goddess get her warrior face on as she... View on Zazzle
Moana | Floral Pattern Metal Lunch Box – Revisit the magical world of Moana with this cute pattern inspired by Disney! Featuring the ocean princess herself and a beautiful floral pattern, this colorful design... View on Zazzle
Moana | First Mate & Top Rooster Metal Lunch Box – Meet Disney's silliest rooster, Heihei and his pot-bellied pig pal, Pua. These two adorable animals hail from Disney's animated adventure, Moana. Although very different, these playful... View on Zazzle
Moana | Vintage Island Girl Metal Lunch Box – Meet Moana from Disney's latest animated adventure, Moana. An adventurer and a voyager, the Polynesian beauty is certainly not your typical Disney Princess. This striking design... View on Zazzle
Moana | Pua - I'm No Bacon Metal Lunch Box – Look at Pua! This cute character from Disney's Moana is so adorable you could just eat him up. No wait. This cartoon pig isn't for eating!... View on Zazzle