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Top 10 Smartphone Cases of Pixar's Inside Out

Posted on 12 June 2015 in Pixar's Inside Out

Only one week until Disney Pixar's newest animated feature film hits theaters. Inside Out is an imaginative movie about the five emotions living in Riley Anderson's mind, where they are hard at work led by the lighthearted and optimistic Joy. The other characters are Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear. Here we have collected 10 of our favorite cases for your smartphone. Most of these cases are available on 18 different cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, iPads, iPods and Motorola Razr. You can find more Inside Out iPhone cases at Zazzle.

1Joy Phone Cases

Always happy and optimistic Joy from Pixar's Inside Out is featured on this iPhone 6 case and the same design is also available on many other cases for Apple and Samsung phones. Great gift for happy people who are like Joy.

2Anger Phone Cases

This cute design of Inside Out's character Anger is featured on an iPhone 6 case from Barely There and is available on many other cases for different smartphones. Anger is a passionate character in the movie and one of Riley's five emotions.

3Inside Out Emotions Pattern Covers

All five emotions from Riley's mind are featured in this cute pattern from the official Inside Out merchandise store at Zazzle. Shown here on an iPhone 5 case by Incipio, the same design can be customized and is available with a tan, black or pink background.

4Rainbow Unicorn Smartphone Cases

Rainbow Unicorn is one of the characters in Pixar's latest animated feature film Inside Out. She is an actress and works at Dream Productions.

5Inside Out's Sadness Phone Cases

Do you love Sadness in Disney's Inside Out? Then this phone case of the movie's character is perfect for you. Sadness is one of the five emotions inside the mind of Riley Anderson. Pick your phone type from the "Device Type" dropdown to select the right case.

6Emotion Disgust Smartphone Cases

Say hello to Disgust. The movie's character is featured in her iconic pose on this case for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, but the same design is available on other cases many different smartphones. Just pick your phone from the "Device Type" dropdown on the next page.

7Fear Emotion Phone Cases

Fear is one of the five emotions in Riley's mind and it is his job to protect Riley and keep her safe. Fear is constantly on the lookout for new disasters. Show your support of Fear with this cute phone case of the character from Inside Out.

8Happy Joy Phone Case

Joy is exuberant on this happy phone case from Pixar's latest movie Inside Out. Show your love of Joy and the movie with this adorable design avaialble on cases for Samsung and iPhone phones.

9Cute Inside Out Pattern Phone Cases

It's an emotional rollercoast on this cute pattern design based on Disney's Inside Out. All five emotions from Riley Anderson's mind are represented here on this cute phone case for fans of the animated movie.

10Blue Phone Case Design with Inside Out's Sadness

Sadness, who is voiced by Phyllis Smith in the movie Inside Out, is one of the emotions in the mind of Riley Anderson. She would love to be more optimistic and helpful, but she just finds it to ohard to be positive. Sometimes the best thing to do is to lie on the floor and have a good cry.

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