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Top 10 Disney Princess Customizable Birthday Invitations

Posted on 7 April 2015 in Disney Princesses

Invite your little girl's friends to a Disney princess themed birthday party with these adorable customizable birthday invitation cards from the official Disney store at Zazzle. From Belle to Cinderella, your daughter's favorite Disney princess is here. Personalize these cards with your own name, date, location and other text. These custom Disney princess invitation cards are the perfect way to invite friends and family to a magical birthday party.

1Belle Birthday Invitation

This gorgeous customizable birthday invitation features princess Belle in her beautiful yellow gown from Disney's animated feature film Beauty and the Beast.

2Jasmine Birthday Invitation

Join Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride and invite your friends to your shining, shimmering and splendid Disney Princess birthday party.

3Frozen's Elsa Birthday Invitation

Unleash your powers with this fully customizable birthday invitation based on the movie Frozen from the official Disney store at Zazzle.

4Sofia the First Birthday Invitation

It's a Party! Let Ariel Winter of Sofia the FIrst from the popular television series invite your girlfriends over to your your royal birthday party.

5Ariel The Little Mermaid Birthday Invitation

Invite your daughter's friends to her birthday with this adorable invitation from under the sea featuring everyone's favorite mermaid Ariel.

6Anna from Disney's Frozen Birthday Invitation

Follow your heart to your little princess' birthday party with this cute personalized birthday invitation of princess Anna from Frozen.

7Sleepy Beauty Birthday Invitation

Fully personalize the text on this cute pink Princess Aurora birthday card from the animated feature film Sleeping Beauty.

8Disney's Snow White Invitation Card

Send out your daughter's birthday invitations in royal style this year, with this adorable customizable card featuring Snow White, the original Disney princess.

9Mulan Birthday Invitation

Customize the text of your little girl's birthday party on this custom printed birthday invitation showing the Disney princess Mulan.

10Cinderella Birthday Invitation Cards

A list of Disney princess birthday invitations isn't complete without Cinderella. Make your daughter's birthday party a special one with this cute Disney Princess themed card.

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