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Ten Cute Baymax T-Shirts from Big Hero 6

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Baymax is the biggest hero in Disney's Big Hero 6 film. The Marvel comic was developed into a popular cartoon movie by Disney. Here are 10 cute original t-shirt designs featuring Hiro's best pal Baymax.

1Baymax ベイマックス

Baymax stands without armor, ready to provide some medical advice or healthcare. The caption below reads "Big Hero 6" in Japanese.

2Baymax Battle Armor Configurations

Armor Baymax is shown in three positions: ready to inflate, fully inflated, and in flight with wings out.

3Cute Baymax Seal

Baymax's oval face is the main part of this cute design.

4How would you rate your pain

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?"

5Sitting Baymax

Baymax sits sideways, with his face looking at you. The Big Hero Six logo is also in this design, featured here on a cozy hoodie.

6Baymax Supersuit Battle Armor

Baymax wears his full armor and is ready for battle!

7Baymax with Lollipop

Baymax considers the lollipop in his hand. A Disney original design for Big Hero 6 fans!

8Flying Baymax

This iconic design features a fully armored Baymax in flight.

9Sitting Baymax

This adorable design shows Baymax sitting and facing the viewer.

10Baymax Ready for Battle

Baymax looks like he's flexing serious muscle in this battle-ready design!

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